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What is Cyberbullying?

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In a nutshell, cyberbullying is the use of email, text messaging, web sites, discussion forums and other technological means of communication to intentionally hurt, defame or intimidate another. Any of the following may be used to bully another via cyberspace:

  • Sending threatening, intimidating or derogatory emails, instant messages or phone text messages
  • Posting derogatory comments about classmates on an internet bulletin board
  • Using comments to a classmate’s blog to make fun of them and encouraging others to join in
  • Creating a web page or web site devoted to insulting another classmate or classmates
  • Posting personal information about another student on a public web site, or sharing it via cell phone or email
  • Using another student’s email address or IM name to send messages that make the student look bad or will get them into trouble
  • Posting embarrassing photos of another on a web site for others to view
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