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Survey Your Class

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An example of an ineffective method of curbing cyberbullying is believeing that the banning and filtering of blogs, email, web sites and chat in your school or classroom will stop cyberbullying. This just drives the problem deeper making it harder to deal with. A good approach is educating your students around moral and social expecatations on the approriate uses of technology.

An important step in starting this process is evaluating the cyberbullying that is occuring in your classroom. One way to do this is to give students the opportunity to complete a survey.

Activity: Compose and carry out a survey to be used in your classroom or school that will provide you with feedback on cyberbullying. Make sure to include the common cyberbullying actions from the following Cyberbullying.org survey.

You might want to use the Cyberbullying.org survey or create a simplified version. Please share your survey in the discussion area.

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