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Stop Motion Animation Activities

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This is an example of Stop Motion Animation by 15 year old Joel and his friend Teagan. The title of the film is "The Good Samaratin." You can see similar Brick Films at http://www.brickfilms.com/.


Digital Storytelling at its best - Dean Shareski

Activity 1

In order to create the stop motion animation, we are going to be using a digital camera on a tripod or web camera to create a series of photos that will give the effect of motion.

A couple of things to think about before we get started:

  • Create a storyboard of a few movements for the objects in your animation
  • Ensure that your camera is going to remain in the same place for each set of shots
  1. Now take a picture of the object, move it a few centimeters and then snap another picture. Keep moving the objects and snapping pictures until you come to the end frame of your storyboard.
  2. In MovieMaker 2 click on Tools, Options and the Advanced tab. You will probably want to play with the Picture and Transition Duration. For now, set Picture Duration at 0.15 seconds and Transition Duration at 0.3 seconds.
  3. Import all the pictures that you have taken into Moviemaker 2.
  4. Drag all the photos in the correct order on to the timeline.

What might you come up with, well you never know? Perhaps a short film.

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