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[1] The aurora oval represented in the plots is not a photograph, and is not real-time. It is extrapolated statistically from the Space Environment Monitor (SEM) data obtained during a single pass of a POES satellite over a polar region.

[2] Human and physical features of Bangladesh.

[3] Overlay of the Berlin wall.

[4] Network Link of all the states and cities of Brazil.

[5] Names 147 islands in Northern Canada from Natural Resources Canada.

[6] Canadian border disputes within the country and internationally.

[7] Canadian capitals.

[8] Castles and palaces of Europe.

[9] CIA World Fact book of countries of the world.

[10] Network link Countries, as well as States and Provinces of the world

[11] Data includes land temperature from 2000-2005 from NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites.

[12] Europe Gazetteer cities, provinces, villages, urban areas, towns, town district and major waters.

[13] Different types of farming across the UK.

[14] Forts across North America.(Mostly US)

[15] World Gazetteer of cities, populated places, airports, land features, coastal features, islands, ocean features, major lakes, and drainage features.

[16] Global infared satellite imagery.

[17] Global NASA physical oceanography atmospheric overlays.

[18] Global sensor data - temperature, snow and ice, global fire map, cloud, biosphere, chlorophyll, aerosol, ozone, radiation, ocean surface topography, carbon monoxide, rainfall, sea surface and aurora.

[19] Overlay of a portion of London in 1690 with current satellite photo.

[20] Tour of the man made wonders of the world.

[21] Network link of different marine biomes -polar, temperature shelf and seas, temperature upwelling, tropical upwelling, and tropical coral.

[22] Tour of the Italian city of Milan.

[23] Monthly global image overlays (2004) from NASA.

[24] Tour of the Russian City of Moscow. (Very detailed)

[25] Night land temperatures image overlays from NASA (2000-2005)

[26] Tour of the Nile Region in Africa.

[27] Using Ask a Geologist from Natural Resources Canada, answers to a few questions.

[28] Adding in the Nunavut boundary in Canada.

[29] Ocean features gazetteer - This distributed geodatabase include next network links: Bay, Fjord, Gulf, Lagoon, Ocean, Ocean hazard, Other ocean feature, Ria, Sea, and Strait.

[30] Official Canada-USA boundary.

[31] Tour - The earth has a natural wonder that we may miss when focused on every day life. Here are a few opportunities to enjoy the earth from space with Google Earth.

[32] Tour of the french city of Paris. (Very detailed - includes live webcams)

[33] This project includes many maps and details of the Plymouth area in the UK.

[34] Global snow cover image overlays. (2000-2005)

[35] Tour of expeditions to the South pole.

[36] Studies that use Google Earth for mapping - Bird flyways and avian flu, bird movement, Everest and volcanoes studies.

[37] Real Time - Sunlight, cloud cover, rain, sea surface temperature, and winds.

[38] All schools in Toronto Catholic District School Board.

[39] World time zones with image overlay.

[40] A tour of 100 major cities of the world.

[41] Tour that includes a few spots around toronto, including a TTC overlay, and 401 Traffic webcams.

[42] US state capitals network link.

[43] Universal Transverse Mercator zone grid for the globe.

[44] NASA overlays measuring green vegetation across the globe. (1982-1998)

of the World.kmz Tour of the volcanoes of the world.

[45] World Designer - this amazing system of Network links, overlays, and placemarks allows you to customize the globe.

[46] Tour of towers from around the world.

[47] World War 2 battles and operations across the globe.

[48] Overlay of Mars over the earth including geographic locations and craft landing sites.

[49] Overlay of all the planets and the moon on top of Google Earth.

[50] San Francisco Project - VR images, webcams and seismic data.

[51] Locations of Ancient Roman history.

[52] A large selection of utilities - GPS visualizer, compass echo, centre point, dynamic scales, scale circle, utm gridlines, wikipedia places, web site utlities, and stand alone utilities. (A must have)

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