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Google Earth Curriculum Ideas

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Curriculum Ideas

Grade 1

  • Identify features within the community - buildings, roads, rivers, lakes around local community
  • Identify Buildings within the Local Community - Block Parents, Police Station, and Neighbours
  • Use Google Earth for images around the local community

Grade 2

  • Examine environments and countries from satellite photos - what might their lives be like? How Are their Needs Met?
  • Look at the virtual globe; make comparisons of the North and South poles

Grade 3

  • Compare urban and rural areas in Google maps
  • Identify geographic and environmental that explain the location of various urban and rural communities.

Grade 4

  • Look at the natural resources around Ontario
  • Locate boundaries of towns and cities
  • Examine the differences in the regions and specifically landforms and waterways
  • Use for student's to present about regions, provinces and territories
  • Go to different regions and show what might be the natural resources

Grade 5

  • Use the time zone overlay to show the time zones around the world.
  • Construct maps made through overlays of electoral ridings, major municipalities of Canada, and time zones that determine the closing of electoral polls.

Grade 6

  • Ask critical questions about the Latitude and Longitude with regards to City and Countries.
  • Have students complete a City/Country Scavenger Hunt.
  • Use population dynamics layer to show global population statistics from around the world.
  • Examining physical characteristics of the countries using the “Land Features” distributed database.
  • Have students create a tour of countries where Canada exports goods.
  • Have students create a tour of countries where Canada imports goods.
  • Students can create a tour of the routes of North American explorers.
  • Amazing Race – Looking for spices and silks – Choose your partner – Vikings, England or France. Opening letter to monarchy why they should be funded on their journey to the new world. Write diary entries explaining your journey and making connections to your home country – natural resources taken back to home country for what purposes with detours along the way.
  • Give students a number of placemarks – identify, analyse and classify in order to decide whether a particular location is a good place to settle.

Grade 7

  • Give each student a topic, character from history or a region, and let them annotate their placemarks and present it. Students can then share their Google map files.

High School

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