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Blogs and Writing

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The Glass House (The Invisible Man)
The Glass House (The Invisible Man)
=Commercial Blog=
Commercial Blog
Barbie's Blog
Barbie's Blog

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Developing a Community of Writers

The connection between blogging and writing is obvious but simply giving students the technology to write with is not enough. As educators we need to foster this ecosystem of learners to help them develop into a community of writers.

External Link:

6th Grade's Most Awesome Writing

The Clem

A Student Centered Classroom Blog

A student centered classroom blog seems to lean towards the creation of individual blogs for each student with an aggragation of the posts in a central area. More freedoms are given to students with regards to what they publish in their blogs, but central guidelines are manintaned by the educator overseeing the blogging community.

External Link:

In Need of Coffee

Blog Fiction

Taking the point-of-view of a character from a story, television show, or movie. There are a few blogs that claim to be written by famous people who could not possibly be blogging because they are dead or they are fictional characters. A good example is the Darth Vader Blog where you can read the rebellion form Darth Vader’s point of view.

This blogging format offers an interesting way to gain perspective and dealve deeper into the characters of a story? You might imagine student’s blogging from the perspective of their favourite literary charachters, perhaps Stanley Yelnat’s from Holes or the magical Harry Potter. The audience of their blogs would be able to respond to the acuracy of their role in the character and offer suggestions. In a shared multi-author blog students might also take on the various characters in a particular story or novel to discuss an event that occured in the text.

Another idea might be to explore the world that was created by the story through a blog. Students might explore Narnia from their own perspectives in an imagined place.

External Examples:

Television Characters

"The Office" Dwight Schrute

"Invasion" Dave Groves

"General Hospital" Dr. Robin Scorpio

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Buffy

Exploring New Worlds

The Glass House (The Invisible Man)

Commercial Blog

Barbie's Blog

Literature Circle Discussion

Create conversations around novels using a blog rather than formal report or handout to discuss and reflect on novels that are being read in the classroom. This environment might allow students to expand their thoughts much more broadly than more formal responses becuase they would have ongoing opportunities to reflect on the text.

A blog that is available on the World Wide Web also means that many other people have access to the classroom discussions. What this could mean in a online conversation through a blog about a story or novel is the orginal author being able to read through the discussion and comment on student responses. All it takes is an email to the author, in order to point them to the discussion, and you never know what response you might get.

External Link:

Author Pat Street and Anne Davis's Class Blog

Author Sue Monk Kidd and Will Richardson Blog

English 12 Blog

Literature and Life

Creative Writing Story Blogs

Use blogs for students to post creative writing pieces and engage responses from each other in order to develop students' writing. The creation of a supportive writing community would be the goal here with the teacher becoming a reader, writer and guide for his/her students. By bringing in guest writers to the blog, educators can help develop student's writing by demonstrating different writing perspectives.

Another idea would to have students create a blog book by adding to the story being developed in previous posts in the blog. Students could continue to develop on the story and comment on each other parts of the story to help each other develop a book.

In Hannah's Housea group of four international students write about their journey to a new country - Melborne, Australlia through the guise of a fictional character Hannah. This group blog writing project is something between fiction and non-fiction.

Create a Classroom or School Newspaper

Use an educator blog or a classroom blog to keep parents in the loop about what your class is doing. If you are using a multi-author classroom blog students could be resposible for updating various sections of the classroom blog. The classroom newsletter is even easier than putting together a class paper newsletter because everyone is working together to add content all the time. Publishing the content is as easy as hitting a publish button in a blog.

Jefferson High School Online Newsletter

General Resources

Will Richardson Blog - Weblogg-ed http://www.weblogg-ed.com/

Anne Davis's Blog - Edublog Insights http://anne2.teachesme.com/ Retrieved from "http://www.teachinghacks.com/wiki/index.php?title=Blogs_and_Writing"

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