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Blogs and Second Language Learning

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There are many different blogs that discuss second language learning in the K-12 educational sphere. In order to keep the examples focused the concentration of resources will be on Spanish resources, but the same resources can be found in almost any other language.

External Links:

KF en Espanol

Spanish Learning Blog

Penpals Project

Use a multiuser blog to have a class of students work with each other in a penpal type of project. The postings should abide by the privacy policies that are co-determined by the participating educators. By posting their converrsions through a blog, it moves away from private exchanges to a conversational project.

Other Language Blogs and Podcasts

Have students immerse themseleves in the language by reading blogs and listening to podcasts of the language they are learning.

External Link:

Spanish Blogger Directory

Links to External Resources and LO's

Use a blog to quickly link to external resources and learning objects that students will find useful when learning a new language.

External Links:



French Word of the Day

Create a Language Learning Portfolio

Students could use a blog as an easy way to track the language that they are learning by putting it into context in the postings that they are writing. Students could link to each others postings and give feedback on what they are learning to help each other.

Q and A Dictionary and Reference

Use a blog to create a question and answer dictionary that teachers and students create together. Students could post questions that other students answer regarding translations or expressions, as well as guidance of this from their teacher. The blog also acts as a reference resource for the class to refer back to if they are having trouble with a particular topic.

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