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Commun-IT – Building a K12 Social Network in Ontario

From this collaborative article about this node network.

What is It? is a community site for Ontario educators interested in sharing ideas, resources, and knowledge about technology and learning.

Who participates in this community?

Anyone with an interest in ICT and technology integration is welcome to join/take part. Current members come from all areas of the K-12 education technology realm, including classroom teachers, curriculum and ICT consultants, school administrators, and community partners such as representatives from government bodies and museums.

Where do you go to find it?

How does it work?

The social networking environment allows for the natural forming of groups around ideas. You are able to join groups within the community to focus on a particular topic or create your own group.

Why use

Teaching can at times be a rather isolating profession. offers those with an interest in how technology can help provide and improve learning opportunities for student a place to come and “meet” like-minded educators from around the province. Visitors can either join the community, which provides a wide range of online collaboration tools (blogs, wiki, shared bookmarking) or just browse the publicly available material.

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