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Articles Written About Me

Professionally Speaking Magazine – June 2005 Scarrow, Lynda. How, When and Why of Teacher-Designed Sites:
Exploring a World Wide Web of Possibilities: Part I
Point and Click Academic Technology News – June 2002 Aguair, Peter. eClass at The Divine Infant: Quentin
D’Souza pioneers the use of eLearning in the intermediate classroom

Quoted In

The Globe in Mail Agrell, Siri The new sex talk:Kids are getting away with risky behaviours online because parents are afraid to ask about their Internet use
Omni 2 Television Interviewed on a segment about Cyberbullying
CBC Deveau,Denise Canadian schools: Multimedia meets multi-literacy age


Included is a list of articles that I have published in magazines.

Canadian Teacher Magazine – January 2006 School Web Site Makes Real World Connections
ECOO Output
Magazine – April 2002
The Pedagogy of WebQuests
Professionally Speaking Magazine – June 2001 A Simple Search Engine Strategy
Professionally Speaking Magazine – December 2000 Finding Teaching Kits For The Classroom
Professionally Speaking Magazine – March
Searching for Canadian Educational Content on the Internet

Book ReviewsIncluded is a list of book reviews I have published in magazines.

Professionally Speaking Magazine
– March 2003
Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul: Stories
to Open the Hearts and Rekindle the Spirits of Educators
Professionally Speaking Magazine
– March 2002
Take A Mathwalk: To Learn about Mathematics in Your Community
Professionally Speaking Magazine
– September 2000
Taking Your Kids Online: How and When to Introduce
Children to The Internet

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