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Podcast with Leon Cych


I had a great skype conversation with Leon Cych over at Learn 4 Life.  It was a nice end to a busy day of in-services with our school district's report card administrators. 

How do you know that Leon is a man committed to continuing the edtech chatter?  When he approached me for a time for our discussion, I asked him to record our conversation at 9pm my time, not knowing that it would be 2am his time.  The thing was – he said that he would do it – now that's committed.  Luckily, I had some time about 5 hours earlier.

Leon has posted the podcast of our conversation, as well as many different people from across the UK and the world.  He has plans for many more podcasts in the future.

Video Streaming: Moving Forward Event (con’t)

The last three podcasts from the Streaming Video: Moving Forward event are organized by presenter.

  1. Peter White from McIntyre Media and Tom Matusos from CBC Education Sales
  2. Patrick Hartman and David Blair from Dynamics Professional Video Systems
  3. John Taylor from Waynor Media Solutions

As a follow-up to the conference I have been accessing some streaming video resources that you might like to investigate. – Hours of audio and video from the CBC – CineRoute Program from the NFB offers 600 films in their entirety online. – Offers very large selection of fully streamed video educational programs and resources from TVOntario (similar to PBS) for Ontario educators to access in their classrooms.

Video Streaming: Moving Forward Event

I thought I would jump into the world of online podcasting, by recording a
few of the events that I attend. Most of my recording has been for my coworkers,
so I have just opened up the audience a bit … okay, maybe a whole lot. I built
an intro using some sounds from the FreeSound and ccMixter web sites.

This event, Video Streaming: Moving Forward on June
14, was organized by the Waterloo District School Board and was billed as a day
of presentations and discussions, "to explore the future of video streaming in
school boards, colleges, universities, and government." I only recorded the
presentations by the vendors in the morning. The real strength of the day came
from the discussions in the afternoon, where we round-tabled with board IT
staff, Education Staff (K-12, College and University), video production, and
distribution industry people.

I also learned something important about microphone placement from the second
speaker in this series. Don't place it too near the person speaking. After
starting his presentation with videos in a bag, he placed the empty bag over my
microphone and recorder. (I'm also learning more tricks in Audacity) There is a
bit of twittering in the audio, so if you know how to get rid of it please let
me know for the other parts of this day.

Part one includes the opening presentation by Mark Carbone from WRDSB, and
the next is Gary Carlson from Distribution

Kindergarten Podcasts

After I listened to grade one student podcasts I was amazed.  Now I'm even more amazed, Kindergarten students podcasting.  These students are reading stories online.  Kinder PODS Rock!

Grade One Students Podcasting

This one comes up in the amazing category (I have to create that one still). Kathy Cassidy a Grade One Teacher in Moosejaw, Sask. has her students podcasting and blogging. Go Kathy!!

(via Ideas and Thoughts from EdTech)

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