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Send Large Files

I have been using YouSendIt for a few projects this summer. It has been a lifesaver when it comes to sending large files to clients. When gmail or my pop3 account from my ISP cannot handle the file size – YouSendIt works.

I like that they don’t spam the email addresses and that the files disappear from their cache in a few days. It saves me n extra step of setting up an ftp account for my clients or posting the files to a website to download.

This webtool would be great for students to send files to and from school to home or vice versa. They just send the file to their own email address. And pick up the file when they go home or to school. They could avoid cartying around CDs.

Great tool for moving large files!!

DIY Virtual Hard Drive

– One gmail Account
– One gmail drive shell extension
– Windows XP This is a great little recipe , which I learned about at the engadget web site. I have been using it to move and share files between my home and office.

What is really nice is that the look and feel of my gmail account is like another hard drive, although there is a limitation of file size ( 10 megabytes transfer and 1 gigabyte total storage).

Students might use this virtual hard drive to have a shared storage drive for team based projects, working on a year book or general file sharing. Maybe students will organize homework or exam preparation sharing areas. Teachers who work in geographically diverse professional learning communities could use it as a learning object or document repository.

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