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    LinkBacksI have recently installed a nice bit of javascript from that allows preview images of urls in blog postings. A handy tool on its own.

    I have also been wondering about how many people have bookmarked different posts in this blog on, so I added a little image and code on the bottom of each post that will give me its url history. I added a bit of code to the wordpress loop (basically and viola! A click on the link will start me down a new path around social bookmarking connections to a particular posting and the users that saved the bookmark. I really like that Snap allows me to preview the search without going to

    Compare the Linkback history of this post to 100+ Web 2.0 Ideas for Educators and you will see what I mean.

    12 Ideas Around Social Bookmarking in Education

    I have been working on these ideas through the wiki around social bookmarking.

    Here is what I have so far:

    1. Create a set of resources that can be accessed on any computer connected to the Internet

    2. Conduct research and share that research with your peers

    3. Track author and book updates

    4. Groups of students doing a classroom project sharing their
    bookmarks, a teacher subscribed to their rss feed to see the direction
    of their research. (FURL – teacher can review and comment on resources
    that are bookmarked)

    5. Resource teacher does a PD event with a group of teachers
    creates a shared account where teachers can post research
    and information bookmarks that they gather throughout the year. All
    members continuously benefit from this shared resource.

    6. Rate and review bookmarks to help other students to decide on usefulness of resources

    7. Setup a group tag in order to share educational resources (IE. Dekita Exchange and on this wiki in Geocaching for Educators)

    8. Unintended learning through the discovery of resources and information shared by others through their bookmarks

    9. Share links to current news items that relate to classroom discussions.

    10. Examine the popularity of a web site that a student had
    listed and examine those who have tagged that resource in order to find
    new resources. (and perhaps unintended learning opportunities)

    11. Share one account between a number of different
    subject specific educators or a school in order to share resources with
    each other. (see Willowdale Elementary School and District6 )

    12. Share one account between a large number of
    educators across a school district that teach in diverse settings in
    order to create a broad and deep set of resources. (see Traverse City Area Public Schools for district wide social bookmarking)

    Any other ideas to add to the list?

    Archiving Feeds Using RSS (Social Bookmarking) (part 2)

    Just to clarify the idea behind creating my own aggregator at , I do realize that there are other (much better) online aggregators out there.

    I just wanted to see what I could do with a few open source tools(joomla), some extensions, a little php and some inspiration.

    So far the features of this aggregator are:

    1. Archived growing list of resources listed through 53 edubloggers feeds.
    2. I can leave comments for myself.
    3. Tagcloud to see popular terms for all edublogger feeds (right now the most popular are "podcasts, dopa, wiki, students, online, web, digital, blog, technology, education, writing, teachgps, wikis, learning" but this changes as the content changes)
    4. Ajax based search suggestions through meta-keywords from the database.
    5. Hit tracking for most popular and based on individual items, and filters to know where I have been and where I want to go.
    6. Links out to other social bookmarking tools if I want to tag and store these resources somewhere else.
    7. Related items based on phrases (This isn't working to well, as I can't get it to ignore categories and section titles, but hope to get that going soon)
    8. Online access anywhere/anytime.
    9. 1556 edublogger tagged resources.

    So here is a sample of the results when filtering for ""


    Item Title


    Sunday, 03 September 2006 for Teachers
    Saturday, 02 September 2006
    Managing Web Bookmarks with – Productivity Portfolio
    Saturday, 02 September 2006
    The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Users Slacker Manager
    Saturday, 02 September 2006 Audio Visual Tutorial
    Wednesday, 30 August 2006
    Alan November Weblog : Getting Started With Social Bookmarking Using

    Sunday, 03 September 2006
    Tracking Down Educators that Use Social Bookmarking ( | Teaching
    Tuesday, 01 August 2006
    Tuesday, 25 July 2006
    i d e a n t: A study
    Tuesday, 25 July 2006
    HubLog: Graph related tags

    Neat – I'm sure I would have received broader results with a search, but this ended up more like rollyo for social bookmarking edublogger feeds.

    Tracking Down Educators that Use Social Bookmarking (

    PeopleI have been building up the Social Bookmarking tools section of the wiki. I have begun to collect the different instances where I can find an educator's social bookmarking feed. I used the same process for the blogs and wiki's section. Collect lots of examples, classify them, and let the examples guide the explanations and ideas.

    Strategy One: I start by examining the social bookmarks of an edublogerati and see who has subscribed to it. This is particularly easy with the "Network" feature in . By looking at David Warlick's network I can see others who might also be educators. I can then click on their names, and if I'm lucky, I will see their full name and their blog and be able to gather some information on the person.

    Strategy Two: I take a unique username that I find in the network feature. The more unique the better, and through it into Google for a search. If I take infomancy from David Warlick's network I get which is Chris Harris's blog. I make an educated guess that this blog owner and the feed are the same person. I only select unique usernames and match them to the usernames I can see elsewhere on the web.

    Strategy Three: Luck – I stumbled upon the Edblogger Directory within EduWikipedia through one of the Google searches of "snbeach50" from A project started by SherylNussbaum-Beach. It contains the bookmarks of many different edubloggers, as well as other information.

    I wish had more information in your profile to allow users to post/browse the network by keyword descriptions that users give themselves. That way educators, doctors, lawyers whoever can find links to people with similar professions, interests etc.

    So here is my list so far, hopefully many more to come. Please let me
    know if I you would like to be added to the list or if I made any
    errors. And here is my set on .

    Elementary Teachers

    Ms. Armstrong is also using a feed: – Tami Brass via – Collin Bonner (Special Education K-12) via – Derrall Garrison via – Vicki Davis via – Clarence Fisher – via – Bud Hunt via – Jeanne Simpson via

    Secondary Teachers

    Darren Kuropatwa is using a feed for Pre-Calculus and Calculus Classes., and

    Darren Kuropatwa – Jo McLeay via


    Tim Lauer – John Evans via

    Educational Technology Geeks – Will Richardson – Will Richardson – Miguel Guhlin – David Warlick – Wes Fryer – David Jakes via – Charlene Chausis via – Elizabeth Ross Hubbell via – Greg Carroll via Chris Harris via Jason Grizzle via Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach via Andrew Brown via Christopher Sessums via Karl Fisch via

    Social Bookmarking and RSS

    Happy new year!

    First, I love my account. Second, it is great to use foxylicious extention in Firefox because it synches up my bookmarks on the different computers that I work from. Finally, RSS is awesome.

    If you haven’t started using social bookmarking tools:

    Create an account at or Furl( to store, sort and share the web sites that you feel have worthwhile in information for your students (and colleagues). Share your and Furl bookmarks with your class using an RSS feeds.

    An RSS feed can be found on the bottom of almost every page within You can use your inbox to subscribe to other people’s feeds or by tag. The inbox merges all of these feeds together into a central feed. This central feed will keep track of all the bookmarks people are adding to the community that I have flagged.

    You will find my feed at:

    Social Bookmarking Tools

    Sites like and offer online storage and sharing of bookmarks.The tagging and organization is created by the end user, without going into the whole folksonomy idea – see Stephen Downes, you can see which links are coming to the top of the pile based on the number of bookmarks and tags to a particular websites by the group of users as a whole.The rss feed is the real kicker, being able to aggregate the bookmarks of users that you like and use them. (Or reformat the links and place them on your blog)

    Off the top Of My Head:

    -Groups of students doing a classroom project sharing their bookmarks, a teacher subscribed to their rss feed to see the direction of their research.

    -Resource Teacher does a PD event with a group of teachers creates a shared account where teachers can post research and information bookmarks that they gather throughout the year. All members benefit from this shared resource.

    Here’s my feed –

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