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Splashcast (Build – reMix – Embed)

I have been playing with Splashcast  to remix content from flickr and youtube into a seperate channel.  The Splashcast interface is easy to work with and allows you to upload your own audio, video, photos or feeds from Flickr or Youtube.  Of course every Spashcast Channel has it’s own rss feed.

I created this Splashcast channel in a few minutes.  It contains several PSA’s that I can use for upcoming discussions on cyberbullying and internet safety.


I forgot to mention that you can upload PowerPoint and other Documents into as shows into your channel as well.




More Comic Generators

After having so much fun with toondoo I thought I would see what other comic makers were out there.. I have used and the Read-Write-Think Comic Creator. On my desktop I use Planetwide Games Comic Book Creator, and if I had a Mac I would use Comic Life.

Here are a few of the better ones that I found. Toondoo still ranks at the top of the online apps, but Comic Life has it made for offline comic creating.

I also found Comics @ Mainada. This site is very much in beta, but it was a neat experiment of repurposing a comic creator. When I realized I would have to freehand draw the comics with my mouse, I thought it would be better to draw out a few words.

Here is what I created, the direct link is

Tumblebook Access

Okay – someone is going to get mad at me for this one…

So something that I have known for a while is that some public libraries have been using services and databases that gives access to these resources without a username and password. I’ve never been big on public money being used without public access. So keeping that in mind -here goes.

So if I wanted to get access to Tumblebooks as an example, I go to my town’s public library website (Ajax Public) and then scroll down to TumbleBooks, click on the link, and then I have access.

If I was in Brampton – I would go to Brampton’s Access Web Site.

PowerPoint Extreme Makeover

Dean Shareski has posted a great little PD video in the K12 Education YouTube group on a few power-pointers that anyone who does presentations would find useful. Take a look:

Digital Storytelling

I'm back from a three day canoe trip to Killarney Provincial Park, with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was a beautiful trip with only one bear sighting along the trail up to Silver Peak. We gave the bear some space and carried on without any incidents. Killarney was beautiful and I can't wait to go back again.

I took my digital recorder and digital camera with me on the trip. As I snapped the photos, I would pull out the recorder and add some audio clips to the pictures. It ended up being a nice way to document the trip through the audio while we were on the trails, camping, portaging and in the canoe. If I was to do the recording again, I would try to hide the recording device a little better to get more authentic recording.

After bringing in the audio clips and photos to my computer, I edited the audio clips for clarity in Audacity . I used PhotoStory 3 to pull everything together. It was a really easy process. One small issue is that PhotoStory 3 doesn't allow you to browse for audio files to associate with photos, so I ended up playing the recording on my laptop and using a microphone to associate them with the photo. I added background music from ccMixter . Finally, I fine tuned the focus and transitions of the photos.  I also burned a few copies to play on our DVD players.

My Digital Story Recipe:


  1. Digital Camera
  2. Audio Recorder


  1. Audacity
  2. Photostory 3

Web Sites:

  1. CC Mixter

And of course, a trip somewhere enjoyable.

I can see so many possibilities for classroom uses, especially with the new Media Literacy Strand that has been added to the Ontario Language Arts Curriculum .

I have added a shortened version of the project to give you a taste of the final project.  The original project was 17 minutes long.

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