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Online Field Trips

These field trips are great tools to inspire students to explore a variety of topics. They include “interactive stories, maps, games, timelines, audio, and much more.� I wish that eLearning Ontario had taken a look at these models as exemplars for their own LO’s.

Also included is a set of reading tools to assist students at various reading levels to benifit from these field trips.

Google Maps Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a quick idea – use Google maps to create a world-wide scavenger hunt. Use some of the curriculum terminology that relates to the geography expectations or use it as a writing assignment and explore the world via satellite maps.

Hints can be based on local geography and using the satellite maps of their neighborhood students could find an actual cache of goodies that were placed their by the teacher.



Combine Google Maps and Flicker

Here is a quick curriculum idea to use with Google Maps and flicker. I saved the image of my satellite map from google then uploaded it to a flickr account. I could then write on the image and added information about the neighbourhood around the school board. Here is my version. This would make an interesting virtual borchure of a neighbourhood. Students describing different highlights of their area or illustrating directions by using relativity to landmarks.

Just an idea :-)

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