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Knowplace Open Weekends

Complimentary Open Weekends offered by Knowplace

1. Macromedia Breeze: Virtual Classroom from December 9 -11, 2005
2. ESL Mixed Mode Delivery: Tips & Tricks from December 9 – 11, 2005


1. Macromedia Breeze: Virtual Classroom – December 9 -11, 2005
Susan Bates will lead you into the virtual classroom to discover the world of Macromedia Breeze. This weekend will be full of ideas and tools that you can immediately use in your own work or business. Susan brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for the virtual classroom to this weekend.

Susan is an ESL instructor at Vancouver Community College and is completing
the E-Course Design Certificate program at Knowplace. She brings her face-to-face teaching experience into the online world with insight and innovation.

2. ESL Mixed Mode Delivery: Tips and Tricks – December 9 – 11
Learn the tips and tricks of Mixed Mode teaching and learning with Wendy Seale-Bakes. During this weekend Wendy will provide tips and tricks for using Mixed Mode as an instructional method in language education. Always practical, this weekend will introduce you to computer assisted language learning and provide you with tools that you can implement in your own online or face-to-face teaching.

Wendy teaches English as a Second Language at a community college in Vancouver, Canada. She’s completed a Knowplace eTeach certificate and is currently finishing her certificate in Mixed Mode. Wendy designed and teaches an Advanced level Mixed Mode ESL class at her college, and is very enthusiastic about the benefits of computer assisted language learning (CALL) for ESL students.

KnowTips Conference

I couldn’t partcipate in the KnowTips conference this year, but I hope to attend next year. This virtual conference done in real-time is a really innovative way to discuss current topics with different people over vast distances. Be sure to listen and watch Stephen Downes webcast on Elluminate from this conference.

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